Bo’s Cafe kickoff party hosts The Shack author Paul Young as featured speaker


Paul Young shares his spiritual journey at the Bo's Cafe kickoff party.

What do you get when you combine the man who created the first wildly successful self-published book in the world [1] [2] [3] with a story of a highly successful man, now about to lose everything, who finds his way to restoration through a group of ordinary friends who gently push him to humbly face the truth about himself?

Answer:  A simple book entitled Bo’s Cafe which has a powerful message about grace and redemption, which the authors hope will become a touchstone of a spiritual revolution called Sanctification by Grace Through Faith.

Paul Young authored The Shack as a gift to his six children to describe his relationship with God.  Along his journey, he discovered some truths about pain and grace and relationships which he articulated in his book, and which have captured the hearts of over seven million readers. 

A year ago, he was contacted by Bruce McNicol, one of the three authors of the not-yet-published Bo’s Cafe and previously of Truefaced. It turns out that Paul had read Truefaced and had been incorporating its spiritual truths of grace and acceptance in Christ for years in his own work.  He offered to have the new novel published under his publisher, Windblown Media, and a dynamic coalition was forged which promises to open avenues of spiritual healing to millions of people around the world.

Bo’s Cafe deals with some key themes that may be new to some Christian circles, but for which we all hunger:

  • We all have issues of sin and pain in life that are bigger than we are.
  • These issues are beyond our control and threaten to totally undo us.
  • On our own, we are not able to coerce life to go the way we want, yet we try to make that happen in various ways.
  • The more we try to make it work in our own power, the less it does, and the more complicated the mess becomes.
  • We hurt people incredibly by trying to control people and situations.
  • There are people around us who want to love us, but we have not permitted them access to our deep needs and pain and shame.
  • Healing can come in remarkable and unforeseen ways when we allow trusted (but not perfect) others to speak into our lives and walk with us in learning to trust God and trust others with all the hidden stuff that we carry.
  • That healing will bring us to the place of freedom for which we yearn, but secretly believe that we could never deserve.
  • God is longing to pour His healing and transformation on all who will trust Him with themselves.

This book was released in September, 2009, and last night, a celebration and release party was held at Pinnacle Peak Patio in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The authors, John Lynch, Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall, were there, along with Paul Young and 500 guests.  John and Bruce shared some pieces of the journey of writing and publishing the book, two vignettes from the story were presented, and Paul had opportunity to talk about his own spiritual journey and key things he has learned.

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