Earn a cash prize with a vocabulary-building video contest

Homeschoolers (and anyone else interested), how important is vocabulary knowledge and correct usage? 

Perhaps just important enough to make or break your college entrance and scholarship applications.  If you are a master with words, you may net some prime monetary awards to top schools.  If your skills are poor in this area, your paperwork may not get a fair reading.

Your language skills will be constantly, albeit subconsciously, assessed at every stage of the college admissions process, each of which has a bearing on your status as a merit-based financial aid recipient:

  • SAT and ACT entrance tests have a high emphasis on written English skills–word knowledge and usage in the multiple choice portions as well as composition, grammar, sentence structure,and writing style in the essay portion.
  • The application itself gives opportunity to observe your verbal adroitness
  • Excellent language application is essential in the personal essay that many schools require
  • Your spoken words and style will be observed in the live interviews

The ability to communicate appropriately and well can be a huge key to your future success, in school, in the workplace, and in your relationships.  Vocabulary development is a key way to get a head start in your life goals, but is often looked upon as tedious and boring.

What if learning new words and having opportunity to use them could be fun, entertaining,and possibly income producing? 

Brainyflix.com is a web-based enterprise started by MIT graduate Jack Yu, who has a mission to help increase verbal intelligence of students through the use of flashcard pictures and videos which demonstrate the meaning and usage of college level words. Jack has helped set up a contest to get folks involved in fun, creative ways to share their wisdom.  Each week has a theme, such as Conversation, Halloween or Funniest Photos, and prizes for the best submissions.  Readers have the chance to vote on the videos and pictures to determine the winners.

The contest is now in progress.  Here are the details:

MIT university & Salesforce.com are running a nationwide contest to get teens to teach each other tough vocab for the SAT & ACT. Their user-generated content will become part of a free online resource at Brainyflix.com.

For the contest, students will be creating Brainypics flashcards, for which they create interesting sentences and pair them up with memorable pictures as a visual cue. Between now and Dec. 7, a total of 5 Brainypics will be selected each week to compete for the Grand Prize of $200. iTunes songs are also being given away for every 5 Brainypics created, and gift cards are going to the runners-up of the finale.

Full details here: http://brainyflix.com/main/contest_rules.

Read more on college vocabulary building.

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