Great bargains abound in many local stores


The Christmas season is a great time for finding bargains and stocking up on every day essentials.

I have never met a homeschooler who didn’t enjoy a great sale.  Not just on books, mind you, but if a good deal can be found on food or clothes or just about anything, homeschool moms will be there.

I have started looking at some of the fabulous websites which specialize in sharing the outstanding bargains that they have found.  I am overwhelmed at what we can get for FREE or at amazing discounts.  From time to time, I will pass on some of these moneysavers.

One of my favorite columns is The Holt House.  Rebecca Holt is a homeschooling mom in Phoenix who is networked with numerous other frugal folks and has saved me lots of money.  Here are some of her current postings:

Wow!  That’s a lot! and that doesn’t even touch the grocery freebies and bargains that are available.
For more on that, see my previous article on ways I saved $181 at CVS last week!

Please share with me other great bargain sites that you have found.

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