Homeschoolers can get Black Friday deals on Christmas shopping without fighting the crowds

The Old Schoolhouse magazine has the largest readership of all homeschooling publications.

Homeschooling friends, how would you like to get some really great deals and LOTS of freebies, do some Christmas shopping, and get some encouragement for yourself–all without leaving home, fighting the post-Thanksgiving crowds, and at your leisure this weekend?

I have been amazed at the abundance of great deals the stores are using to increase their sales.  After last year’s truly “black” Friday, many retailers began their sales early in the week to help combine the Thanksgiving shopping with the Christmas gift-giving urge.  For tomorrrow’s sales, shopping centers are opening earlier than ever as they compete for every customer dollar, some starting at midnight or 3 AM.

Now for the good news for the homeschooling community.

Black never looked so good! It’s the Black Friday sale event in the Schoolhouse Store. The more you shop, the more gifts you receive—Up to $1400 in gifts! Plus, receive 10 gifts when you subscribe for only $7.95 (U.S.). November 25-29. Get details here!

Read more to find out how you can get a totally FREE digital holiday magazine from The Old Schoolhouse that is loaded with fabulous recipes, shopping tips, terrific resources and stories to strengthen your homeschool skills and resolve. ******************

Blessed Thanksgiving! Here is my Thanksgiving prayer:

May the blessings of God’s bounty fill your heart,
May the riches of God’s grace nurture your soul,
May the knowledge of His presence never depart,
May Christ’s Life and Redemption make you whole.

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