How does homeschooling fare in the current economic and political climate?

Kevin Jennings has plans to make all schools "safe" for non-heterosexual students.


The decision to homeschool one’s own children is a concept that brings varied responses.  For some, it is the logical course to which parents feel called by God.  For others, it is circumstantial–things aren’t working out right in the public school, or the cost of private school has become prohibitive.  Another group will take it year by year based on how they feel, what the kids want, new life changes that make it easier or more difficult to teach the students at home.It is my observation that the current political and economic climate will simultaneously make home education increasingly more difficult and yet compellingly more desirable.  These opposing forces will be explored in a series of articles, from the perspective of providing support and resources to those who choose to start or stay the course with homeschooling. ********* 

 Scenario #1. 

With many people out of jobs, families are needing to do whatever they can to stay afloat, and that may mean both parents need to have some sort of income.  For some homeschoolers, public school looks like a great option:  free, convenient, less time-consuming, and giving the teaching parent opportunity to work during school hours while children are safely cared for and educated by others.Speaking of safely, there is an official government position newly established to ensure the welfare of children while they are being educated.  In June, Education Secretary Arne Duncan appointed Kevin Jennings to head the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. [1]  That sounds pretty good on the surface, and we all would agree that keeping children safe is a good thing.The problem comes in looking at the background of Mr. Jennings and his overtly spoken agenda for the schools in America.  As the homosexual founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Jennings has written several books in which he celebrates the gay lifestyle and openly advocates for unhindered promotion of such in all school venues, even down to early elementary grades.[2] [3] [4]  Additionally, in some of these same publications, Jennings shares his own drug and alcohol history with the implication that his life has been improved by substance use.In other speeches, Jennings has disclosed that he originated the term “safe schools” to set up places in which the non-heterosexual students would be “safe” from the “hate crimes” of sexual-orientation-negativity from other students and teachers.  The hallmark of these schools would not be the evidence of tolerance for all orientations, but rather the embracing and defending of these lifestyles by the straight contingents. [5]Read more.

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