Take a few seconds to say “Thanks” to our troops

Cards for the troops

An abundance of handmade cards from school children are available for sending to our troops.

Can you imagine being far away from home at Christmas, missing out on all the fun and family and festivities?  Perhaps even having to be on duty when the rest of the world is celebrating.

Here is a great opportunity to say thanks to all the service men and women who are valiantly defending our country and working hard to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy.

Xerox Corporation will print and mail a card to someone serving in Iraq for every card that is selected.  Even though it is not Veteran’s Day, and Pearl Harbor Day just passed, it is always the right season to express our appreciation for the fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters who risk their lives for our safety,

  • Go to this website:  www.LetsSayThanks.com
  • Choose your card from several dozen
  • Personalize the message or use a pre-written sentiment
  • Share this site with your friends
  • See how many cards can be sent from your people!

You are not able to pick to whom the card will be sent, but be assured that the recipients will be moved and grateful for your care and thoughtfulness.  This is a totally FREE service.

Wouldn’t it be a huge blessing if all of the service personnel could receive a Christmas message?  This is a great project to do in your homeschool group.

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