Become a great speller with 50% off SpellQuizzer program

SpellQuizzer Main Screen
With SpellQuizzer, you can customize the word list by creating your own or importing one.

Have you ever tried to work with your student on spelling words, only to have the session end in frustration and tears (from the child and yourself!)? It seems that once the incorrect spelling has been planted in one’s brain, it is very difficult to change the thinking to accept the correct way.

SpellQuizzer was created by Dan Hite as a fun way to engage spellers and dispel the meltdowns.  The program is all done with interactive online software that is fully customizable to your needs:

  • Create your own list
  • Choose from existing lists
  • Include audio and visual clues for the words
  • Share your list with others in your group
  • Quiz the student
  • Ideal for school children of all ages in all school settings
  • Perfect for parents who need to strengthen spelling skills

Since everything is online, you only need to register for a license one-time, and you have access to a wealth of features for improving anyone’s spelling.  There is a free 30 day trial for the program, and now is the perfect time to test it out, since you can get it for 50% off until December 25!

Read more to find out how to take advantage of this offer.  It is only being promoted to current users of the program and my readers, so act quickly to get in on this exclusive opportunity.

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