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Homeschool families “get primal” with new physical fitness techniques

Amen Iseghohi

Amen Iseghohi delights in seeing homeschoolers become physically fit.

What type of physical fitness training might you expect from a business major from London and a nutritionist from France?

Whatever your expectation,  Amen Iseghohi is likely to surprise you with the program he has developed.

View slideshow of the workout program.

As a professional rugby player in the UK, Amen learned the standard athletic fitness program, and it served him very well in his career.  However, while spending some time as a child in Africa with his former pro-athlete grandmother, Amen was inspired to test out some non-standard methods of endurance and skill preparation.  The techniques involved use of car and truck tires, isometric exercises, and one’s own body weight.  Amen could see the benefits of such instruction for quickly building stamina, balance, and muscle mass.  Additionally, there is an extremely low injury factor.

He brought the concept to the United States under the name of Primal Fitness, and has used it to train hundreds of professional athletes, including members of the Phoenix Suns.  Amen has recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and offers classes at parks and his studio. AmenZone, in Central Phoenix. He is very concerned about the obesity rate among children and wants to do his part to motivate youngsters to understand and enjoy health and fitness.  His wife, the nutritionist, complements the health focus by running a juice bar at the studio with only organic ingredients.

Amen and his wife are homeschooling their son, and have a real heart for the homeschool community.  They are opening up special classes for homeschool families with a great discount good for up to four parents and children. Sessions are available now, and some additional opportunities will be kicked off in January.

Come try Arizona’s newest fitness craze! This revolutionary, back-to-the-basics program will ignite your mind and body into the “zone”.

amenZone is an old school functional training program dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle at any age. Our brand of training promotes physical characteristics essential for natural instincts & survival in the real world. Each workout is methodical & traditional yet creative…you’ll never be bored! We choose to use natural training as a vehicle for self inquisition. Our program matches movement with intention…every workout is a journey that exposes who we are the very core. It is a proven natural and Fun way to say Fit and Healthy!

Workouts for ALL ages now offered in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Our bodies are designed to move…so let’s get moving!

Read more to find out how to get involved with this exciting new wave of fitness training.

Printable flier to hand out to your friends

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