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Great homeschool college prep tool for creating transcripts and GPA calculation

GPA Calculator tool

Create beautiful transcripts easily with the GPA Calculator Tool

The most common questions I get asked by homeschoolers involve the concerns parents have about getting their students into college.  At the top of the list are the queries about creating a transcript.

  • What does a transcript need to include?
  • Can I create my own transcript document?
  • What if I want someone else to do it so it looks “official”
  • How do I calculate the GPA?

See the video demo of the GPA Calculator tool

Articles will be coming on the first three items, but today I want to focus on the GPA and do a review of an exciting new tool for calculating the Grade Point Average.

GPA calculation is not difficult, but it can be time consuming.  Typically course grades are presented with a letter, A, B, C, D, and F.  If the grade is based on a standard percent correct score, here is how the letters and points are assigned:

  • A:  90-100% correct, value of 4 points
  • B:  80-89%  correct, value of 3 points
  • C:  70-79%  correct, value of 2 points
  • D:  60-69% correct, value of 1 point
  • F:   59% and below, value of 0 points
  1.  For each course, determine the grade the and the number of credits.  Generally, college admissions officers will be looking for high school work that shows one credit for two semesters of course work and a half credit for one semester.  (California schools use 10 credits for two semesters and 5 for one semester.)
  2. Multiply the point value for each course by the number of credits for the course.  (One credit class with an “A” is 4.0 X 1 = 4.  Half credit class with an “A” is 4.0 X .5 = 2.
  3. Add the point values from # 2 for all the classes and divide by the total number of credits to find the GPA.

This can be cumbersome, especially with several classes and multiple children.  I have developed an easy GPA calculator tool which takes the stress out of this part and sets up your records for simple transformation to a professional looking transcript.

  • Excel sheet format is downloadable, customizable and yours permanently.
  • Each child’s record is on one page.
  • The whole family’s records are on one worksheet.
  • All you need to enter is the course name and the letter grade.  The GPA tool figures all the rest.
  • Use a separate page for high school and college records for each child.
  • You will save hours of time compiling and figuring information.
  • The information is easily transferred to a transcript template.
  • Cost: $19.97 and it is yours to keep and use for the whole family.

See the slideshow for a great demo of the GPA Calculator.  Purchase your downloadable tool and extra bonus gifts now.

Read more to see other college prep resources.

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