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Setting my sights on homeschooling the next generation

Now it is official. I am a grandmother.

Jada Kaelyn was born last Saturday, early in the morning, after 8 members of her mom’s and dad’s families spent five hours in the waiting room.

I think one of the reasons that God gave babies nine months to develop in utero is to stir the hearts and imaginations of the grandparents, and to develop a huge reservoir of love that is ready to be poured out upon the little one. I found my thoughts going into creative mode many times during my daughter’s pregnancy–thinking about all the fun things I want to do with my granddaughter and all the things I want to teach her.

For some reason, the homeschooler in me came out in lots of these daydream moments, often in unexpected ways. I don’t know whether my daughter and son-in-law have talked about educational venues, but I know they haven’t divulged their ideas to me. None-the-less, my mental pictures of my time with the baby nearly always looked like the best of idealized homeschool settings with just the two of us. I have even started a list of developmental activities that we can do from birth on.

Whether or not Jada will be taught at home, I still have a vital role to play in developing a relationship with her, being available in lots of little ways, and following the lead of her parents in her spiritual, emotional and physical development. There are plenty of ways I can teach her life lessons and skills, even if the formal homeschooling (done by yours truly!) doesn’t get to be implemented. I am choosing to be a legacy-leaver and a heritage-builder.

Grandmother Holly

What a joy to be available to have a part in my granddaughter's life!

I was given gifts at Christmas of a memory box with three picture frames, and a leather-bound journal. These will be key pieces of the legacy focus, along with my camera to chronicle our journey. I plan to collect and place in the box things to share with Jada that will broaden her understanding of our family, the world around her, and her relationship to God, and to write in the journal about our times together. Psalm 78:1-8 has become my “Grandparent Legacy” scripture which gives the foundational reasons for passing on our heritage to our children and the following generations. The goal is to provide the best environment possible for training our descendants in righteousness and truth so that their hearts will be prepared to know God.

(We can always hope for the homeschooling part, and that I will be privileged to be included!)

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Holly!
    I just read your article about being a Grandma! I loved it! I love you! I am excited for you! You have wonderful insight and wonderful beautiful plans!

    Janet Forte

  2. Congratulations, Holly, on the newest member of your family! The love and excitement you have for your new granddaughter is so evident in your email. She is one lucky little girl to have you for her grandmother–to share your expertise in education and your passion for learning.
    My best to you and your family!!

    Maisie Vultaggio

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