Kurt Warner is spokesman for College Goal Sunday; free help with FAFSA for college financial aid

Kurt Warner and Saints' Drew Brees

AZ Cards' Kurt Warner with Saints' Drew Brees. Warner is the spokesman for College Goal Sunday.

Can a homeschooled student get scholarships for college?

This is a prevalent question and an honest concern for many homeschooling families.  These students attend college in a much higher ratio (over 74% attend some college)  than public school counterparts (nationwide only 46% of 18-24 year-olds have had some higher education).  Those not in the public system don’t have as much access to financial aid resources.

Neverthless, homeschool teens are winning a disproportionate number of scholarships from a variety of sources such as spelling bees, math competitions, essay contests, and meritorious funds based on high college entrance test scores.

The first step for consideration for various forms of financial aid is to fill out the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).   It compiles parent and student financial assets to create a scale of what the student or family could be expected to afford in paying for college.  Once the information is completed, it can be sent to several colleges of your choice, who will assess the data in comparison to their costs.  Need-based financial assistance will be awarded based on these numbers.

Free assistance in filling out the FAFSA form is offered this weekend at numerous places around the Phoenix metro area and the state.  This annual event is called College Goal Sunday (even though some of the help locations will be open on Saturday.)

Read more for details on the FAFSA and local  Arizona event locations.

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