Homeschool WAHM’s are encouraged to connect and network with CWCC

Deanna Rada is the founder of Christian Women Community Connection.

Deanna Rada is the founder of Christian Women Community Connection.

Can I still homeschool my kids if I have to work?

What a great question!  With the economic realities that we face, more and more moms are needing to keep working, and yet they long to be able to homeschool their children.  Whether they are single parents or in two-parent households, there are ways that many working mothers still juggle homeschooling with their other duties.

Wearing so many hats can be very stressful, and those who work from home while teaching their children may find themselves becoming distracted and unfocused regarding their business at times.  It is always helpful to have some others who are like-minded to help get you back on track, and keep affirming your direction.

Deanna Rada has created such a networking group.  Christian Women Community Connection is open to all women, with an emphasis on those in the workplace with businesses of their own.  The goal is to help women grow personally, relationally and in skills to enrich their business enterprises.  With a unique business model, Deanna is drawing large numbers of women who are excited about new opportunities.  See a slideshow of the January luncheon.

A West Valley group has already begun with bi-weekly coffee meetings and a monthly luncheon with a motivational or instructional speaker.  The January luncheon was held at Satara’s Thai Restaurant in Peoria, with Felicia Davis as the inspiration.  As a business and life coach who has started many enterprises from the ground up, Felicia gave us guidelines for setting top three goals, understanding our “whys” that give those goals the emotional impetus for perseverance, and uncovering blockers that hold us back.  Additionally, she gave each of the attendees a free 30 minute consultation about our own business.

Read more to find out the event schedule.

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