Is community college a good fit for high school homeschoolers?

Many homeschoolers attend community college in high school to get dual credit and start core classes.

Many homeschoolers attend community college in high school to get dual credit and start core classes. Photobucket/marthamae2

Many homeschool parents find that their students need something beyond the traditional high school program.  They are anxious to get on with life and may feel constrained by the parameters of the coursework.  In Arizona, students may enter the community college at age 12, and even as early as 8 for precocious children.  If they are in 101 classes or above, they can get dual credit–both high school and college, giving them a step up on the higher education process.  There are some factors to consider with this route, as exemplified by the conversation below.

Question:  Hi Holly,

I truly appreciate all your time and effort in your presentations. Thank you so much for everything.

I am trying to figure out for next year what to do with my younger son (8th grade) who may want to go
back in to the school. I  was thinking community college  would be an option, but also am not sure if he would be a good match or if there is something else for him. Any thoughts? Pros/cons on going that route?
Answer:  Community college is great for those students who are motivated and have already
developed some good study skills. They need to be able to go at twice the pace of the high school, and often more is required outside of class than the indtructor indicates on the syllabus.  This may be a tough stretch for students not yet ready to work more independently.  See my article on requirements for getting into community college.

You may want to do the online ASSET test to see how he scores for a starter .   There are practice questions that will help in preparation for the test.  Depending on his ability and motivation, you could start with 1-2 classes at a time to see how it works for him.  Make an appointment with the guidance counselor at the school to look at the full range of options.

Also, explore what his motivation is for going back to school. Is he looking for social interaction, or sports? Does he like the classroom structure? Does he want to work at his own pace (home might be more appropriate for this)? Does he need more challenge?

Honest answers to these may give a different set of options, and may uncover any areas of resistance to homeschooling that you may need to address.

I would love to be of further assistance in your process of figuring out the best option.

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