SB 1280 will level the field for homeschoolers scholarships to AZ universities


Part 3: legal questions about requiring homeschoolers to take the AIMS

Homeschool students desire equitable access to merit scholarships at all AZ universities. Photo by Holly Craw

Part 1:

This article will look at SB 1280 which is designed to correct some of the inequities in the merit funding program at the state universities.
Homeschool students desire equitable access to merit scholarships at all AZ universities. the history of the last ten years of the Arizona State Regents’ (AIMS or High Honors Endorsement) Scholarship
Part 2: changes that have come about in 2009 regarding homeschoolers

Homeschool dad, Derek Davis has more statistics on the comparison of college entrance test scores for homeschool students and those in public school than even the Arizona Department of Education.  He began his quest for information when his daughter was denied a merit scholarship at Arizona State  University simply because she was homeschooled.

This ruling should not have happened under an Arizona state law that had been in effect since 2000, granting homeschoolers equal access to the highest university scholarships based on entrance test scores.  Somehow, the equitable inclusion of homeschooled students was dropped around 2005 when the AIMS test became the determining factor for public schoolers’ eligibility for the full-tuition waivers at the state schools.

Davis’ research details that those public school students who exceed standards on the AIMS do not score as well on the SAT or ACT college entrance tests as homeschoolers do in general.  A new ruling of the AZ Board of Regents in spring 2009 has allowed the latter to take the AIMS to qualify for the AIMS scholarship.  However, in addition to the legal issues that entails, it would actually be setting a lower standard for the homeschoolers than was already in effect.  (That part is good for us, but is it wise on the part of the state to open the eligibility to a broader spectrum of students and giving preference to those who actually don’t score as well on the time-tested college entrance instruments?)

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