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AZ rules allow homeschoolers to take the AIMS test for scholarships, but at what cost?


Should homeschoolers be required to take the AIMS test to qualify for AZ state merit scholarships?

Should homeschoolers be required to take the AIMS test to qualify for AZ state merit scholarships? Photobucket/luolan

In Part 1, the history of the last ten years of the Arizona State Regents’ Scholarship (also known as the AIMS Scholarship and the Honors Endorsement) was  discussed.  Part 2 detailed some of the changes that have come about this spring.  This article will address some of the impact of the changes on the homeschool community.  Part 4 will look at SB 1280 which is designed to correct some of the inequities in the merit funding program at the state universities.

(Recap from end of Part 2:  Homeschoolers have been opted into the AIMS scholarship for 2009-10 and 2010-11 and the process for qualifying was described.  Essentially, they will not be able to meet the time-frame standards since testing needed to be completed for these two years prior to the AZBOR decision to include them.)

Homeschoolers with early graduation (prior to age 18) may still qualify for the AIMS scholarship. The passing of the AIMS must be completed by April of the 6th semester, so students who are graduating at the end of the 6th semester of high school still qualify for the funding the following semester if the graduation date is indicated to be the same year the test was taken. (EX: student will graduate in May 2010 after 3 years of high school. AIMS is taken in February and April 2010, and the completion of core courses and the graduation date on the diploma is May 2010. University entrance begins August 2010. Student is only certified when the diploma is issued.)

Questions and concerns about this ruling by the AZBOR:

  • Since the homeschool provision was put into law several years prior to the institution of the AIMS test provision, it seems it should have been illegal to exclude home educated students from the Regents’ Scholarship for the past three years.  How has this issue been addressed?

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