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How to get into an accredited college, pay less, finish sooner, without taking the SAT or ACT

(Editor’s Note:  There are several ways for students to get college degrees without taking the SAT or ACT entrance tests.  This article and the webinar are from CollegePlus! which is a cutting edge organization dedicated to helping all students maximize their time and money in getting a quality higher education.  The free webinar will present some options and more will be discussed in this column in the future.  I am available in the Phoenix area to do workshops on the various aspects of preparing for college.  Email me with your questions, and let me know if you are interested in a workshop in your area of town.)

Did you know the dreaded SAT/ACT is not required to earn a fully-accredited college degree? Unknowingly, parents and students considering college options are stressing over the SAT/ACT tests this time of year. The truth is, you can enter a top-tier university, you can enter graduate school, and you can earn a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree without the SAT/ACT.

To help you understand the facts and myths about the SAT/ACT, you’re invited to attend a free, interactive webinar that will reveal why students don’t need to take the SAT/ACT to enroll in college or to earn a college degree. The webinar is on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST

Click here to register for the free SAT/ACT webinar. Space is limited, please register now.

5 Essential Reasons you should attend this free webinar:

  1. A college admissions officer will reveal closely-guarded secrets that parents and students don’t know about the college admissions process and how colleges evaluate SAT/ACT scores.
  2. The SAT/ACT myth will be exposed—you will learn how to get through the college admissions process without being forced to take the SAT/ACT.
  3. Parents just like you will explain how they helped their children avoid the feared SAT/ACT, allowing them to pursue college without the SAT/ACT.
  4. You will get practical steps you can take to help your student earn a fully-accredited college degree without being forced to take the SAT/ACT.
  5. You will get to ask questions and interact directly with the panel of experts and parents.

Register for the free, interactive webinar here.

Read for more details.

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