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Olympians Lindsay Vonn and Tannith Belbin have ties to Arizona or homeschooling

Tanith Belbin was homeschooled as a teen when preparing for her first Olympics.

Tanith Belbin was homeschooled as a teen when preparing for her first Olympics.

I love the human interest stories about the Olympic competitors.  It is always heartwarming to hear the obstacles they have overcome and ways they connect with the rest of us in our ordinary lives.  One thing many Olympians have in common is that they were homeschooled for some time during their teen years to accommodate a rigorous training schedule.  Another fascinating piece is that Arizona has been home to numerous star competitors over the years.

View the slideshow of some famous Olympians who were homeschooled or have Arizona ties.

Both Tanith Belbin and her partner Benjamin Agosta were enrolled in Laurel Springs Academy when they became ice dancing partners in 1998.  They are currently competing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

While not homeschooled, Lindsay Vonn seems to be the only 2010 athlete with Arizona ties.  Her grandparents live in Tucson, and her grandfather was instrumental in mentoring and coaching the skier in her early years.

Other Olympians who were homeschooled include: 

Read more.

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