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What does Jack-Jack Parr have in common with homeschoolers and Olympians?

Baby Jack-Jack, homeschoolers and Olympic athletes share some key characteristics.

Baby Jack-Jack, homeschoolers and Olympic athletes share some key characteristics. Photo: Pixar

Aside from the fact that many Olympic athletes spend some time being homeschooled during their teen years, I believe that Jack-Jack Parr from “The Incredibles”, homeschoolers and Olympic hopefuls have many parallels. 

In each case, those working with the youngsters may not really know the potential of their students, but they see something big and outstanding, and are committed to bringing it to full bloom.

  • Many of the Olympians recount the role of their coaches and trainers in encouraging them with a vision of superior performance, and the athletes eventually grew into that expectation.
  • Homeschool parents often have the confidence that their dedication to quality education and the relationship with their children will lay the foundation for the inherent gifting in each one to surface and blossom.
  • Baby Jack-Jack seemed to display only ordinary characteristics, but his parents knew that he had the DNA for something amazing. His costume designer, Edna Mode, covered the bases of what might emerge by designing a fireproof and bulletproof, blanket sleeper for him

A great deal of time, effort, and expense is put forth on the part of the instructor, parent, and learner to create an environment that will nurture the budding abilities in every way possible.

  • Athletic training is incredibly rigorous and time consuming, in perfecting the sport of choice as well as all-around muscle development and acuity.
  • Home educators have opportunity to explore many disciplines to find the avenues that really ignite their passions.  Wise parents follow up on interests and encourage their students to understand themselves and pursue their dreams.
  • Even the Incredibles’ babysitter, Kari McKeen, helped in the nurturing process of Jack-Jack by playing Mozart for neurological stimulation and teaching the baby math facts with flashcards for cognitive development.

Read on for more commonalities.

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