Good news for homeschoolers and other college hopefuls–SAT may not be needed

Does the SAT or ACT really predict a student's success in college?  Maybe not.

Does the SAT or ACT really predict a student's success in college? Maybe not. Photo: Holly Craw

Last week, I wrote about a free webinar that discussed the current status of ACT and SAT tests as a requirement for college admission.  I often get asked about this by homeschoolers, so I will give a recap of some of the tidbits I learned from the webinar.  This information has huge implications for not only the homeschool community, but for a wide sector of potential college students.  You can view the full webinar with the link at the end.

Ten reasons why you don’t need SAT or ACT testing to go to college

(from the CollegePlus! webinar)

  1. Test scores and academic standards are consistently going down across the nation.  The typical SAT/ACT college entrance scores no longer adequately reflect the the high standards for which they were designed.
  2. The tests no longer are used as an accurate predictor of college GPA.
  3. Nearly 1000 US schools no longer require an entrance test.
  4. The top five percent of universities have their own internal criteria which generally include an essay and  an interview.
  5. The “open schools” which take everyone don’t use the test as it greatly reduces paperwork, and they are not faced with needing to reject students.
  6. The schools in the middle (all the rest) largely still use the tests, but are not sure that they are the best indicator of student success.
  7. No entrance exam is needed for community college.  Once you have as few as 12 credits on your transcript, you can transfer to a university.  Colleges are looking for a success factor–does the student have the qualities needed for being successful at their school?
  8. Transfer students are admitted on the basis of college level work–no test is needed to predict competency
  9. The first two years of college are often a repeat of high school.
  10. Many students gain college credit, and therefore transfer status, by class challenge (proving knowledge of course material by taking the final exam) or other course specific tests.

With a continuing economic struggle, perhaps colleges and universities will examine their admission policies and design a broader scope of admission criteria.

Read more for a sampling of schools in the Phoenix metro area that don’t require the entrance test. 

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