Opportunity for complimentary tickets to AZ homeschool convention in July 2010

In my previous article, I gave some information about the upcoming Arizona Families for Home Education annual convention and curriculum fair.  This event is wonderfully coordinated by a hard-working team of homeschool families, and is well worth attending.

I have the privilege of having a ticket to the convention that is good for the free admission of an individual or a married couple, and I want to give you the opportunity to win it.

I will have a drawing for this wonderful prize on Friday, April 30, and there are several ways to enter the drawing.  You will receive one entry for each of the following that you complete, and you may continue to enter up to April 30:

1.  Follow me on Twitter and retweet this message (copy the whole message in bold below and paste in your Twitter message area)  You can get a free Twitter account if you are not already signed up.

RT @hollycraw Homeschooling or thinking about it? Free tickets to AZ #homeschool convention http://ow.ly/1nGDB

This is the easiest method and you will not need to do anything else.  This can be done once a day until April 30.

2.  Subscribe to my homeschool column on Examiner.com.  I am the Phoenix Homeschooling Examiner and write articles about homeschooling how-to’s, events, resources and information.  Subscribers will get an email with headlines of the articles that are posted with a link so you can can go directly in and read them.

Since I do not ever see the list of subscribers, you will need to make sure that I know you are on by one of the following:

  • Email me and tell me your name and that you subscribed to Examiner
  • Leave a comment on this article with your name, your email (emailname (at) server (dot) com so you don’t get spam) and a note saying you subscribed to Examiner

3.  Post information about this drawing on your blog, facebook, my space or other social media.  Be sure to include the link to this page:  http://ow.ly/1nGDB  and let me know with an email or comment (see the methods in # 2 above)

Sample text:  Are you thinking about attending the homeschool convention  in July 2010?  Here is a great opportunity for getting free tickets to Arizona Families for Home Education Homeschool Convention.  HURRY! Offer ends April 30.  http://ow.ly/1nGDB

  (Feel free to add in your own comments if you would like.)

4.  Send an email to 10 friends with the sample text message above and send a copy to me: 
modernhomeschooler (at) cox (dot) net  (take out the spaces and replace (at) and (dot) with the symbols)

Are you interested in getting more chances to win? 

Earn ten drawing tickets by hosting or setting up a homeschool workshop for your friends.

  • Decide on a workshop topic you would like from my list.  List of available workshops
  • Email me with the topic and some dates that would work for you.  The date can be anytime in the next three months, but you need to start the process before April 30 to be in the drawing.
  • We can meet in your home or some place convenient to you.  We can work out the details together.
  • Invite some of your friends or your support group once we get details settled.  I can write up a flyer which can be emailed or handed out to your contacts.  Depending on the location space and the number of folks you have who will come, I can help publicize the event through my email list and online sources.
  • I have a couple of options on the cost of the workshop that we can discuss.  Either way, you will get the workshop and all the handouts and materials free as my gift to you for hosting.  You will also receive a goodie bag of homeschool supplies and the ten chances to win the convention tickets.

Does this sound like an easy way to be included in the drawing?  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    • Thanks so much for helping get the word out about the Free tickets to the AFHE convention.

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