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Homeschoolers will learn key tips for developing good study skills in Phoenix workshop

Jumping jacks and cross-body movements are easy ways for homeschoolers to increase their brain power

Jumping jacks and cross-body movements are easy ways for homeschoolers to increase their brain power Photo: Photobucket/guitarXchicX27

Homeschoolers, do you know how to lay a really good foundation with your students so they will know how to study well and efficiently on their own?  It is likely that you are imparting some great skills along the way, weather done intentionally or not.

Wikipedia states that study skills are:

  •  Basic abilities, strategies and methods of learning
  • which are critical to academic success. [1]
  • They include removing distractions, time management and notetaking.
  • Effective study skills are considered essential for students to acquire good grades in school,
  • and are useful in general to improve learning throughout one’s life, in support of career and other interests.

There are simple strategies that can even be used with young children to help them get the most out of their reading, comprehension and understanding and application of concepts.  Reading aloud as a family and discussing the story and characters is one valuable tool for preparing young people to observe details and summarize information.

Here are a few other ideas that you can easily implement that can make a huge difference in mental preparation for learning:

Parent modeling of study skills and learning behaviors. Do your children observe you:

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