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How to sort through all the homeschool curriculum options to find the best fit for your family

Homeschool curriculum comes in a wide variety of types and styles.  Discern what works best for you at Holly Craw's workshop.

Homeschool curriculum comes in a wide variety of types and styles. Discern what works best for you at Holly Craw's workshop. Photo: Holly Craw

How do you find the best homeschool curriculum?

This is a question that doesn’t have a single nor simple answer.  Besides the myriad of choices for homeschooling material, there are several other factors which come into play for the “Best” options for any one family.  Exploring these determiners and understanding how your views fit with available resources will greatly help to narrow the possibilities and empower parents to make really good decisions about homeschool curriculum.

  • Educational philosophy and teaching approach–What do you believe about the way children learn, and how does that fit with the various publishing companies?  Each publisher makes assumptions about the best ways to teach based on their foundational beliefs about learning and education.
  • Learning styles–How do your students learn best?  What is your learning/teaching strength?  To which style is the curriculum geared?
  • Teacher’s personal comfort level–Especially for beginning homeschoolers, one key goal is to have a successful year.  Parents need to understand what will work well for the students, but if a method is chosen that is out of your comfort zone, you will add frustration and discouragement to the mix and may find the first year less than satisfying.

What if there could be a way to analyze these aspects to discover the types of materials that are most likely to work well for your family?  Here is help.

Holly Craw Home Education Services (HCHES) will be presenting a workshop designed to take the stress out of finding the right homeschool materials.  This is especially helpful for:


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