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Me? Teach homeschool math? I top out at 5th grade!

Larry Shiller has a goal to bring the US to #1 in math skills and has developed a math curriculum.

Larry Shiller has a goal to bring the US to #1 in math skills and has developed a math curriculum. Photo: Larry Shiller

For many homeschoolers, teaching math can be a daunting prospect.  Parents who don’t feel comfortable with their own mathematics skills are always on the lookout for resources and tools that will provide the content instruction that they aren’t able to accomplish themselves.  Typically, this may be handled in various ways:

  • The teaching may be relegated to the parent who is strongest in math
  • Media-based curriculum may be used which shows an official teacher instructing the material (via CD, DVD, online coursework or real-time internet classes through a “skype” type of application
  • A tutor is hired
  • Student is enrolled in a class–either through a co-op or homeschool resource center, the local school, or community college
  • The parent may take a math class herself to stay ahead of the pupils
  • The child is put back in public school “so his education is not ruined” by a parent who isn’t confident

Homeschooling materials provide a wide variety of options for teaching math, so there are fresh resources being created all the time to meet the need.  Even with curriculum that is self-teaching, it is still helpful for parents to understand some of the processes so they can at least oversee the student’s work. 

Larry Shiller created a math curriculum and began ShillerMath with a mission to:

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