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Homeschool 101 Learning Styles: Let me do it and I will understand–the kinesthetic learner

Homeschool 101 Learning Styles: Let me do it and I will understand–the kinesthetic learner.

Part 6 in the series on Learning Styles

Have you ever heard a homeschool mom (or someone else) tell her fidgety child, “Just sit still, be quiet and learn your spellling words!”

The child may do his best to comply–for five minutes or so–but when asked to say his lesson, he has no idea what is on the page.

It could be that the student is a kinesthetic learner, which means the body needs to be engaged for brain to work at its best.  The youngster mentioned above may be working so hard to NOT move that he can’t concentrate on anything else.  Conversely, if he is allowed to do some moving (small muscle activity such as coloring, or large muscle movement such as bouncing a ball), you may find he has retained everything that has been said, even if he doesn’t seem to be paying attention at all.

Characteristics of the Kinesthetic learner

Typically, the Kinesthetic learner will prefer to take in information through bodily movement.

Strengths may include:

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