Homeschool 101 Workshops: 5 tips for setting goals and knowing when they are accomplished!

Homeschool 101 Workshops: 5 tips for setting goals and knowing when they are accomplished!.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” Alan Lakein

Homeschoolers, just like everyone else in the world, can fall into the habit of “letting things come as they may” in terms of schooling their children.  While this can be an exciting mode of letting the world be your classroom, for many, it can soon become a stressful experience in which the family feels disjointed, overwhelmed and frustrated.  Parents may have a gnawing sense that they are failing their children if they don’t have a tangible list of accomplishments to show inquiring family members.

Most people make numerous little goals throughout the day, but we encounter obstacles when considering how to make a realistic plan for larger projects.  Beverly Hamilton lists many of the common excuses that are used for not setting goals in her article If you Fail to Plan You Plan to Fail.

When you take on the role of homeschooler, you are accepting responsibility for preparing your child for life–academically, socially, spiritually, vocationally, relationally–for starters.  With so many hats to wear, it becomes very important to understand how to set goals and implement the steps to accomplishing them.  A second element is to know how you know that you really have made it happen and have gotten to the end of that task.

Summer is a fabulous time for slowing down and taking a look at the homeschooling journey–assessing where you have been, where are you now, and where do you want to go?  Holly Craw Home Education Services is offering a workshop designed to walk you through the goal setting process by looking at SMART goals which means those that are:

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