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Homeschool 101 Scholarships: AZ Regents may cut all funding for AIMS scholarships

Homeschool 101 Scholarships: AZ Regents may cut all funding for AIMS scholarships.

In a previous report, an update was given on the current status of the AIMS Scholarship and the impact it has on homeschoolers.  The article noted that this funding was now open to homeschoolers who qualified with a triple Exceeds on the three parts of the AIMS test.

Now, the AIMS Scholarship, previously known as the Regents’ Scholarship–merit-based tuition waiver–may be totally on the chopping block due to budget cuts.  The Arizona Board of Regents will be meeting this Thursday to decide what they will do with the $44 million that has been used to give outstanding students a free ride to the state universities.

The Arizona Republic from Monday, July 12 had a lengthy article about the program and the proposed changes, all of which are possibilities at this point:

  • The program could be phased out over the coming years.  Currently over 8300 students in 2009-2010 were receiving the funds at close to $8000 each.
  • The scholarship could be based on the SAT or ACT test (which would be much more beneficial for the homeschooling community since homeschoolers are not required nor recommended to take the AIMS test)

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