Homeschool grads: Submit proposal for weightless experiments, get a ride on NASA’s Weightless Wonder

Here is a contest that is perfect for homeschoolers who love science and engineering.

View the video of students in weightless flight
on-board the NASA KC-135 aircraft.

What if you could experience weightlessness while conducting experiments you and your team designed?  What if your team could fly on a NASA aircraft, for FREE, so you could compile and analyze data from your project?

NASA has opened  the 2010 competition for college undergraduates to develop proposals for gathering new data to be used in the space program.  Winners will get an all-expense paid week in Houston and a flight aboard the NASA KC-135 “Weightless Wonder” plane.

The Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program has been hosting student teams who have engineered creative experiments with useful space-travel information since 1989.  Although no monetary award is given for the selected projects, NASA fully covers that expenses of the students’ time in Houston and the flight.  Previous winning experiments have included Virtual Reality training to overcome nauseousness that occurs in flight, manufacturing of products in zero-gravity, confinement of fluid using sound, and more sanitary ways of collecting in-flight human waste.

For 2010, Arizona had an entrant in the winning ten teams.

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