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Developing good study skills: one key brick in the foundation for homeschool success

If someone asked you as a homeschooler what are some of the key tools that your students should develop while they are in their K-12 years, what would you tell them?  Would you include developing good study skills as one of them?

Perhaps, like many homeschool parents, you are already modeling good study skills, but have not given much thought to purposefully training your youngsters in some of the most effective ways to learn and retain information.  However, there is a whole body of research that can be drawn upon to enhance the learning process, so that your students can stand head and shoulders above the crowd in their understanding and ease of application of new material.

Wikipedia informs us that   “Effective study skills are considered essential for students to acquire good grades in school, and are useful in general to improve learning throughout one’s life, in support of career and other interests.”

Goals of good study habits include:

  • Facilitate learning
  • Enhance memory of materials
  • Heighten understanding of concepts
  • Provide opportunities to apply course work
  • Incorporate and synthesize previously learned information
  • Explore both sides of an issue to form conclusions or hypothesis

Parents are instrumental in teaching these skills to their children, because the modeling done by the adults in areas of reading, searching out information, remembering concepts, and applying knowledge will be emulated by the students.  If the parents value a more thorough education, and convey a delight in learning, the kids are much more likely to do the same.

There a numerous tips for creating a rich environment that invites people to learn and promotes mental readiness.  Classical music, learning Latin, playing board games and observation exercises all “prime the pump” by developing a greater network of neuro-connections in the brain.  This makes it easier for information to be sorted and classified for greater retention and application.

Would you like to discover some simple things you can do at home to give your students a great learning advantage?

Holly Craw Home Education Services will be presenting a workshop entitled:

Developing Good Study Skills:   Life-long Habits that will take you to the Top of the Class

Location:  Covenant Homeschool Resource Center
               1117 E. Devonshire Ave, Phoenix, AZ  85014
Workshop date and time:  Wednesday, August 11, from 11:15-1:45
       includes FREE lunch and roundtable Q and A first (11:15-11:45, with the workshop beginning at 11:45)
Cost per session:  $20 includes:  (Add a spouse or teen for $10 each)

(or one person registering for more than one workshop)
      *******TOTAL COST PER PERSON:  $12.50, includes lunch and all the items below.
                                                   Register online now for the discount.

  • Lunch and Q and A session
  • All materials, forms, worksheets, templates provided in Word files via email for your use in customizing to meet your needs
  • A Resource List on Word via email with active links for ease of checking out the websites
  • The benefit of hours of research compiled for you in an easy to use format (saving you incredible amounts of time)
  • Interaction with other homeschool parents who have similar questions and information needs
  • Entry into a door prize drawing (Bring a friend and you each get an additional entry)
  • Homeschool Goodie Bag

 Topics to be discussed include:

  • What are study skillls
  • Good habits need to be modeled
  • Key steps in mental preparation
  • Study supplies to have on hand
  • Creating a suitable environment
  • Age level skills to teach your students
  • PQRST study method
  • The 6 R’s of note-taking
  • 3 Note-taking methods
  • Mastery steps to learning
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Setting a study

For more details or questions:  Contact Holly Craw by email or phone- 602 942-7296

  Register online now for the discount.

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