The woes of online publishing when you can’t fix what’s behind the scenes

I have been writing for for nearly a year as the Phoenix Homeschooling Examiner.  Up to this point, it has been a reasonably positive experience, and I was able to learn a ton of new things from other Examiners.

Early last Friday morning, moved its entire site to a new platform.  As with any migration of thousands of people and millions of articles, there have been some bumps in the road–some rather minor, and some with substantial consequences.  One of the most personal for me is the fact that ALL of my links (my name, my title, my headlines etc) all land on someone else’s page.

To make matters worse, it appears that all of the homeschool examiners from across the country have had the same experience, and one lucky person (who is an Informal Education Examiner) is getting all the benefit of the misdirected traffic.

Since I haven’t been able to see my live pages, nor has anyone else, I found myself spending hours reading the forums and checking out the experiences of way too many other people.  I didn’t want to put up any more articles, since the effort would be in vain, but I have not really done much else that was productive.

I realized I was feeling a little stymied for not having an outlet, and antsy to be writing again.  So here I am.  Back on the blog I started a few months prior to engaging with Examiner.  For the most part, I had tried to keep both venues connected by excerpting the Examiner articles here, and hopefully providing valuable content to a wider audience.

I think my blog missed me and I missed the easy, personal style of writing.  Anyway, since I can’t do anything to make a fix for my homeschooling examiner column, I will come back to putting my full articles here.  We will see how long it takes Examiner to get fixed.

Thanks for reading.  I will keep you posted on the status of the other posts.

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