Homeschool 101 Contests: Budding Shakespeares are invited to write poetry for fun and prizes – Phoenix Homeschooling |

Poetry is something that people generally either love or hate, and homeschoolers probably fit that pattern as well.  For those of all ages who enjoy the artistry of words, The Arizona State Poetry Society has numerous options for your creative endeavors.  Homeschool students may even be able to double team on their pieces by submitting them to an exclusive homeschool literary magazine as well.  (See below for more details on Visions Homeschool Literary Journal.)

First is information on the Arizona State Poetry Society 2010 ANNUAL CONTEST GUIDELINES/RULES

* The contest is open to all poets and those who aspire to be poets
* Entries must be original, unpublished, and not previously submitted to other current contests
* Entries need to include a title, and must strictly follow the format guidelines
* Applicants may submit as many poems in each category as desired, but each poem may only be submitted one time
* Two (2) typed copies of each piece must be submitted in English
* 40 line limit per piece

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