Arizona loses out on Race to the Top Funds: Is this a new opportunity to strengthen homeschooling? – Phoenix Homeschooling |

The Arizona homeschool community may need to gear up for an increase in its ranks.  When U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced yesterday the winners in the Race to the Top competition for billions of dollars in federal assistance for state education funding, Arizona had missed a $250 million windfall by 5.3 points.

The out-of-control downward spiraling state revenues have already forced Arizona legislators to slash the education budget by nearly one-third–over one billion dollars[1] [2], with more shortfalls on the horizon for 2011.  The federal aid would have been a small bandaid on a large wound which has already caused the loss of hundreds of education jobs.  Teachers complain that classroom sizes have increased, and some children don’t have desks or supplies. Preschool program funding has been drastically reduced while licensing fees have gone up exponentially–thus mandating higher prices for parents.

In addition, many school districts are losing millions of dollars annually through decreased enrollment, some due no doubt to families leaving the state since SB 1070 passed.

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