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What is the best way to teach a homeschooler writing skills–without the drama and fear of failure? – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com

Most homeschool parents have had those moments.  Things are going along quite nicely with the lessons for the day, when suddenly, one child has a meltdown.  This can happen for any number of reasons, but one common source is asking the student to write a composition.

Putting thoughts on paper cogently, clearly, and concisely is in itself a daunting task for many, and when capped with the need to have grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization done properly, the assignment can push some people over the edge.  There is an extremely personal side to one’s writing as it reveals part of the inner soul. Unless the young person has a degree of comfort with potential criticism and some foundational skills in place for the writing process, there will likely be a struggle with this type of expression.

Knowing how to write well is extremely important for just about any field a person may choose.  It is also a way to deepen and enrich relationships, for it is a tool for expressing thoughts and feelings that may be more difficult to speak aloud.

So how is the art of writing well taught to children so they can enjoy it without the drama and frustrations?

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