Homeschooling on a Shoestring workshop offers practical tips and great freebies and door prizes

Since many homeschooling families are single-income, making ends meet can be a real challenge in this ever crumbling economy.  Additionally, those who homeschool their children need to pick up all the costs involved–curriculum materials, field trips, extra-curricular classes, and whatever supplemental materials are needed.

The average homeschool family spends $300-$500 on materials per student, although there is a huge range for total costs depending on the method of teaching, whether new or used books are purchased, and extent of outside activities and classes that are used.  (See a breakdown of total costs of homeschooling in San Francisco from 1995).  Families who are thrifty and have access to free or discounted resources can spend less than $100 per child each year.  (However, contrast these costs with what one mom SAVED from the public school costs when she brought her children home to school.)

As a veteran homeschool mom, Holly Craw has numerous tips on saving money to make homeschooling affordable, even in the toughest times.  She knows great ways to find deals and discounts, and even ways to earn money for your curriculum needs by buying groceries! Join her for a workshop to learn some great money-saving tricks.  This is actually two workshops in one with practical hands-on materials for getting started as well as how to homeschool cheaply.

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