Going from homeschool to college provides some advantages for students

How does a homeschooler get into college?

This question is asked frequently, both by those who desire to homeschool and those who are not involved in it at all. For the former, it is an honest question framed by a public school-focused mind-set:  traditional education is the norm, so it might be hard to conceive of a viable option outside that realm.  For the latter, the question is usually asked in a tone of incredulity, as if to say that the instruction provided by one’s parents surely would not equip nor qualify the student for the rigors of higher education.

The truth is that homeschoolers actually get into colleges in a higher percentage than the average population, and they are claiming title to nice scholarships at the best universities.  In fact, the majority of American schools are seeking out these students, since they have proven to be the kind of folks that colleges really want.

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