How do homeschoolers deal with the controversial ideas about dancing? – Phoenix Homeschooling |

In this interview with Diane Hallett, we continue exploring the background for her new homeschool program called Standards of Excellence Cotillion.

Examiner: How will this cotillion be of value to the homeschool students?

Diane: This cotillion will be of value to all students in two ways.

  • It will awaken them to the Biblical mandate to slow down, notice people and treat them with respect and honor, prefer them above myself.  That is basically the definition some people assign to manners – common sense.
  • Secondly, it will teach them specifics of what is acceptable behavior in a variety of social circles, things that are not just left to common sense:  which fork to use when, who to introduce first, how to act like a lady without insisting on those “rights”.  These skills will give the students confidence to proceed into the world with the knowledge that they are carrying themselves and behaving themselves in the appropriate way.  Their decorum and self assurance will set them apart, whether it be for a job interview, the political arena, a club of their choice, etc.

Examiner: Some people object to any form of dancing.  Can you explain what is different and what is beneficial about the Father-Daughter/Mother-Son ball?

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