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Mom at the crossroads: Continue with a career or give it up to homeschool? – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com

The interview with Diane Hallett, homeschool mom and headmistress of Standards of Excellence Cotillion continues.

Examiner: Some people think that homeschoolers are lacking in social skills.  Share your response to this assertion. Is that why you have developed this course for homeschoolers?

Diane: As you know, anyone who asks this question has not spent much time around home schoolers.  Colleges, businesses, political campaigns and the world at large is slowly awakening to the fact that not only do homeschoolers not lag behind their public school peers in social skills, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of them.

While public school kids can barely hold their heads in a trivial conversation to their grade classmates only ( and even that conversation is rife with “like, ya know, bogus, gnarly, etc. – words that don’t fit their dictionary meaning in the way they are being used), most homeschoolers speak with confidence and eloquence to people younger and older than themselves.  They are much less restricted and inhibited because conversation with the world at large is a daily occurrence.  No, I did not develop this course for socialization purposes – however it will be just one more venue for these students to learn how to communicate and practice communication skills.

Examiner: You had a terrific career in modeling and acting.  Did you give all that up so you could stay home and homeschool?  What was your reason for trading career, income and a certain notoriety for becoming a homeschool mom?

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