One mom’s journey: From career success to homeschooling and back to a career – Phoenix Homeschooling |

Diane Hallett has a heart-warming story of finding happiness and purpose in her homeschooling journey, which has now opened the way to combine her career skills as model, actress and speaker with her passion for homeschoolers.

Examiner: Share a bit of your homeschooling journey with your own children–what are some high points and low points?

Diane: Our homeschool journeys highs and lows?  Now that would be a book!

Our oldest is 29 and we took her out of public school in the middle of her 5th grade year.  My husband was not for it at first- saying, “Diane, it may be a valid way to school, but not you with our daughter.  You two clash now, it will never work”.

The last day before “Winter Break” (not allowed to be called Christmas), I drove my daughter to the bus stop since it was pouring rain, took a deep breath and with trepidation blurted out, knowing how volatile this girl could be, “You know your dad and I have been discussing homeschooling you, we have decided, and today when you come home you will not be going back – this will be your last day.”

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