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Elections 2010: Find candidates who stand for family values and homeschooling – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com

Mid-term elections will have a huge impact on the political climate for the next two years and maybe much more.  Homeschool families have concerns about how their rights to school at home will be protected, and how family-centered ideologies will be impacted.  It is important to know the beliefs and values of the candidates and to choose wisely for those who are most likely to stand strongly on the side of parental rights and parental choice.

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) has an online Voters Guide in which all candidates running in Arizona were asked the same questions and given opportunity to respond.  It is interesting to note which candidates chose not to answer anything on the survey.  Take a few minutes to consider this information as you make your voting decisions.  Information on the propositions is also available on the CAP website.  Another survey of the federal candidates was compiled by Campaign for Liberty.

If you want your voice to be heard, plan to vote next Tuesday, November 2, 2010.  Significant change can happen if a few people from each precinct make the choice to vote when they would have passed off the opportunity.  Some issues and candidates in every election lose or win by only a handful of votes in each jurisdiction, so truly every vote counts.

Have you ever wondered how the election results will impact you and your family after it is all over?

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