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Homeschool teen creates social opportunity for peers with a teen dance

A few common questions among homeschooled teens include:

  • “How will I get to know other teens?”
  • “How can I avoid being isolated if I don’t go to normal teen activities?”

(Non-homeschoolers often put these questions in terms of “How will your children get proper socialization if they homeschool?“)

The good news is that there are numerous activities specifically for homeschoolers, and teen events are often created by parents or teens themselves.  This examiner’s family developed a “Teen Night”at which up to 35 homeschooled high schoolers would gather twice a month for food and games and crazy activities.  Others have started special interest clubs, homeschool proms, debate teams, and drama groups, to name a few.

Victoria Johnson is homeschooler who decided she would initiate a teen dance and invite dozens of her best friends (and hopefully dozens of new friends).

Homeschool Teen Dance

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