Homeschoolers–Cyber Monday: Record keeping nets $400K in college scholarships

For those homeschoolers who got past Black Friday and want to cash in on Cyber Monday, there is an opportunity crafted just for you.  Lee Binz of has created a record keeping system that netted her two homeschooled sons over $400,000 in college scholarship offers.  For years, her friends begged her to make this system available for purchase, and after two years of work, The Comprehensive Record Keeping System is ready to launch.

Preparing homeschoolers to  receive scholarships and be accepted into good colleges is one of the challenges of a homeschool parent, and one of the biggest points of trepidation for many families.  The good news is that colleges are willing to spend big money on students who stand out from the crowd and can navigate the admissions process with confidence.  For the Binz boys, one huge factor was the records their mom had put together.

Colleges are looking for a few key things, says Binz. Homeschoolers often have an advantage in these areas if they know how to present their strengths.

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