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How can a homeschooler get a high school diploma and have a graduation ceremony? – Phoenix Homeschooling | Examiner.com

How does a homeschooler get a high school diploma?

Can a homeschooled student have a graduation ceremony?

If you have thought about homeschooling teens, either you have asked these questions, or someone else has asked them of you. The answers may be surprisingly simple.

A diploma is simply a piece of paper that the person with oversight to a student’s coursework uses to say that the studies have been satisfactorily completed.   For a homeschooler, that person is the parent.  This means that the parent can create a diploma, which is a legitimate document.  You can also pay a company to have the document made professionally.   Home School Legal Defense Association has won court cases in which a homemade diploma has been questioned, and they havemany helpful articles on their website.

Regarding a graduation ceremony, there are several ways that can happen.

  • Have a family celebration at your home, church, or other meeting place
    • Invite friends and relatives, have an affirmation time of your son or daughter, let the graduate give a speech, present the diploma
    • Use cap and gown if desired.
  • Sponsor a ceremony with your homeschool support group
    • Use the place you normally meet or find a nearby venue that works for your needs
    • Let each student give a speech, let each parent say something to her own student and present the diploma
  • Participate in a citywide or statewide celebration


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