Homeschool Entrepreneur: New apps for Android, IPhone, IPad teach Bible memory

Homeschool dad, Daniel Pardhe of Phoenix, Arizona, is a brilliant computer software engineer who recently found himself out of work.  Having developed very successful businesses of his own in the past, Pardhe believed the time was right to launch out into creating his own company once again.

His dream is to create applications for current technology such as the IPhone, IPad, and Android phone which will impart useful skills for knowing the Bible.  His first project, which is now for sale in all three venues, is a game called Bible Candies to teach the names and order of all the books of the Bible.  There is a separate app for the Old Testament books and the New Testament books, and one that has both sets combined.

Pardhe asserts, “If people take one to two minutes, a few times a day, to do the game in between email and phone calls, they would have all the books of the Bible memorized within one week.”

This is a tremendous tool for homeschoolers as they are learning the Scriptures together, or for Sunday School and Awana groups.  Bible memorization will go to a whole new level as students (and parents!) compete against themselves to better the score and the game time.

The applications were developed over a few months, with the Android coming together within a few days.  Apple, the parent company of IPhone and IPad, has more stringent qualifications and more details to work through, so that portion took a few weeks to perfect.  The company has set up basic components that can be used for common games and functions, but Pardhe wanted to create something out of the box, using code he wrote himself.  There were many challenges to finding what commands would work within the Apple system, but persistence and dedication paid off.

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