Homeschool lifestyle: Academics, personal enrichment, citizenship, relationships

Homeschooling for many families is a 24/7 lifestyle.  If you have long-term goals for your homeschool season, such as teaching your children through the end of high school, you may want to think about the big picture.  Not only are you responsible for the academic dimension, but you also are laying the foundation for the kind of people your children will be as adults.  If you are proactive in designing your home environment, you have the opportunity to influence your offspring to be people with unimagined potential.  A few extra touches to the everyday life can raise the bar of possibilities in your child’s life.

Some of the ideas below have been culled from a newsletter by Ronald E. Johnson C.Ph.D President of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum.

Academic Readiness

Brain development is a key factor in academic prowess.  Here are a few ideas to stimulate the brain.

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