Homeschoolers can use many methods to dispel doubts of detractors

“My in-laws are constantly badgering me with their beliefs that my homeschooled kids are going to fail academically.  I know that I am doing a good job, and the children are learning so much!  How can I get the in-laws to understand how well we are actually doing?”

This is a common type of question when family members are not on the same page regarding homeschooling.  While you can’t really change their minds if they are determined to look for the negatives, there are some things that you can do to present objective evidence of the quality of learning that is taking place.

  • Always answer the questions with kindness and teach your children to do the same.  Grace, respect, and politeness go a long way toward opening the minds of those with other persuasions.
  • Teach your students to communicate well and be able to engage in conversation with adults on a variety of topics.
  • Help your children know how to answer the “put-you-on-the-spot” questions which are likely to be asked such as grilling about a certain branch of knowledge.  If that subject hasn’t been studied, that can be stated simply, with an invitation to find out what the child knows about something familiar.  “Thanks for your interest, Grandma. I will get to learn algebra next year, but I would love to show you the butterfly project I have been doing.”

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