Using standardized tests to validate your homeschool education – Phoenix Homeschooling |

Homeschoolers typically score higher as a group on standardized tests than their public school counterparts.  Brian Ray of National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) has conducted multiple studies to verify the effectiveness of home education.  In every one, homeschool students come out on top on a variety of measures.  The average homeschool student scores about the 85th percentile with the IOWA or Stanford tests, while the average public school student comes in about the 50th percentile.

This is great news for families who may have doubters with whom to contend–those extended family members or neighbors who don’t think anything good can come out of homeschooling.  Sometimes, hard, objective academic evidence, such as test scores, is needed to persuade those relatives that you really aren’t ruining the children, or depriving them of the best academic future by teaching them at home.

In Arizona, there is no testing required for homeschooling, even though the public schools require multiple assessments throughout the year.  However, many parents like to have students tested for a variety of reasons:


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