How do homeschoolers get into high school honor societies

Homeschool students have been strictly excluded from National Honor Society, unless they are enrolled at least part time in a public or private school.  Fortunately, Joann Juren, a homeschool mother near Houston, Texas, decided that she could create an honor society that would be exclusively for homeschoolers.  She and some other homeschool parents created the Alpha chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha, the only national homeschool honorary in 1999. By January, 2011, there are 281 chapters in 42 states.

Mandatory requirements for membership in Eta Sigma Alpha:


  • A test score of 1800 (SAT) or 26 (ACT) or 180 (PSAT) or a 90th percentile or better on the composite/complete battery on the CAT, IOWA or Stanford nationally normed standardized achievement tests is required for ESA membership.

  • Test scores should not be more than 1 year old.

  • All tests must be administered in a group setting.  Parent administered tests are not acceptable.

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