Homeschoolers: Interested in being on a competitive high school baseball team?

How does a homeschooler participate in competitive sports in order to get college scholarships?
This is one of the stand-by questions which is nearly always asked at homeschool gatherings.  There are athletic teams which are specifically for homeschool students, such as Arizona HEAT and East Valley Athletes for Christ (EVAC), local club sports teams and even participation with the public and private schools.  Here is a great opportunity with one of the local private schools:
The Phoenix Country Day School, located near Camelback and 40 Street, is looking to add players to its high school baseball team.  We have several spots open for home schoolers in a well-coached boys baseball program that plays in the spring against other Arizona 2A schools.  Our team historically has been competitive, reaching the second round of the state playoff’s last year.  All players, even freshmen, will get substantial playing time on this Varsity team.

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