Maricopa County Homeschool Advisory Council represents Arizona homeschoolers

Arizona has been known as a homeschool-friendly state for over two decades, with one of the least restrictive sets of regulations in the nation.  Typically, homeschooling in the state has grown by 10-15% annually during that time.  In an unprecedented move to better understand the needs and concerns of homeschoolers, Maricopa County has established a Homeschool Advisory Council. Six homeschool parents and the staff of the County Superintendent of Schools office, homeschool division, comprise the council.

Meeting quarterly, the group will discuss ways the county office can be available to further address needs of the homeschool community.  The team is headed by Sarah Tilson, Homeschool Specialist from the county office.  Sarah is a certified teacher who spent a year homeschooling her son prior to working in the Superintendent’s office, and so has some understanding of the process and challenges involved in eduating one’s own children.

The homeschooling families in Arizona come into the scene for a wide range of reasons.  One of the more recent waves of new families involved students who may have run out of other educational options, Tilson’s office has reported.

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