Homeschool Field Trips: Desert bird tours, spring weather call families outdoors

One of the joys of being a homeschoolilng family is the freedom to take advantage of the beautiful Arizona springtime.  If the kids get antsy being indoors, why not plan an outing to enjoy the great weather (and you don’t have to tell them it is educational!).

A desert bird tour at Deer Valley Rock Art Center has great possibilities for some impromptu unit studies along these themes:

  • Birds of the desert
    • habitats
    • migration patterns
    • protective coloration and camouflage
    • food chains
    • interrelationships of desert birds, animals, flora, and people

If that doesn’t give enough material for a unit study, some other topics found at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center might include:

  • Arizona native cultures
  • Language and art forms
  • Desert landscaping
  • Early history of Arizona

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