Homeschool convention top 10 preparation tips for reducing stress at the event

Spring and summer are typical times for local homeschool conventions.  If you are considering homeschooling, or if you have been in the homeschool arena but haven’t attended a convention, there are several reasons that may entice you to do so. Even if you have been before, there is still a lot that a veteran can get out of such a convocation.

The typical event may include vendors of curriculum and loads of other homeschool resources, as well as speakers who provide encouragement or tips on various aspects of teaching your own children.  In Arizona, the convention is in July, and some of the key components include:

  • * A vendor hall with 100+ booths selling curriculum and useful materials of every kind
  • * Speakers discussing the merits of homeschooling and “how to” information for the beginner and veteran, those with small children all the way up to sending them off to college
  • * Teen Track with timely and relevant information for the 12 and older group
  • * Workshops by exhibitors who explain how their materials work
  • * Mentoring Moms booth for on the spot encouragement for the newbies by mom who have walked the road ahead

Homeschool conferences and conventions can be exciting places, with lots of new information and ideas.  For those who are just stepping into the idea, however, information overload is not uncommon.  Some suggestions to look into ahead of time may keep some of the stress away.

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